avelino© collar salazar

avelino© collar salazar

Software Engineer




I am a software engineer with 9+ years of experience focused on well-designed and implemented software. I like to apply best practices and industry standards, and I am also a team player with experience in Scrum working environments.

Currently, I work at Lookiero helping the Transactional Dynamics team to maintain an asynchronous monolith and to develop new features in separate applications.

Previously, I was part of Ingram Micro Cloud where I designed applications to manage IaaS seamlessly by the end-user, and of Ve, in a Scrum team in charge of developing a set of applications (APIs, real-time processing apps, NoSQL databases, etc) to manage products, users, and statistics to provide the best recommendations for third-party e-commerce sites.

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Software engineerLookiero

    Dec, 2019 - Present

    Help the Transactional Dynamics (XD) team to maintain, fix and improve a Vert.x based monolith

    • Directly collaborate with the Product team in different functional initiatives to improve the business and the user experience

    • Help in the design and implementation of a separate solution from the monolith for orders, based on Hexagonal Architecture and DDD

    • Main used technologies are Groovy and Java as programming languages and Vert.x, Spring and SpringBoot as frameworks

  • Cloud Integration DeveloperIngram Micro Cloud

    Jan, 2018 - Nov, 20191 year 10 months

    Analyze and implement several applications to integrate Ingram's Micro Platform and vendors of all kinds

    • Technically lead a project to integrate CloudBlue's platform with Amazon Web Services as IaaS provider based on internal standards

    • Technically lead a project to provide a seamless way to manage IaaS subscriptions of different providers with the same UI by applying best practices and using latest industry technologies such as AOP, gRPC, Spring Boot and Redis

    • Analyze the product requirements and create a technical design for its implementation

    • Implement the business logic in PHP and the unit tests with PHPUnit framework. Manage dependencies with Composer

    • Implement a complete set of end-to-end tests with BDD approach and technologies like Cucumber, Java, and Maven

    • Use Docker to run both, application and end-to-end tests

    • Use Jenkins for continuous integration

    • Actively collaborate with R&D team in making decisions about tools, conventions and improvements for the development process

  • Big Data Software DeveloperVe Global

    May, 2016 - Oct, 20171 year 5 months

  • Big Data Software DeveloperStratio

    Aug, 2015 - May, 20169 months

  • Java DeveloperFon

    Aug, 2012 - Aug, 20153 years

  • Java DeveloperDrago Solutions

    Jan, 2011 - Aug, 20121 year 7 months



  • Programming languages
  • Frameworks
    SpringSpring BootSpark
  • Testing
    Unit TestIntegration TestTDDE2EJUnitCucumberPHPUnit
  • Scrum
    Expert Scrum Foundations
  • Cloud
    AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
  • Databases
  • CI/CD
  • Dependency managers
  • IDEs
  • Operating Systems
  • Other skills


  • Software Development, Bachelor, University of the Basque Country

    Jan, 2007 - Jan, 2011



  • Music

  • Travelling

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  • Sports